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  Male Nudes Group Show
Group show with artists including: Tom Gillan, Michelle Zlatkis, Susan Dalziel, Jessica Laurie, Julian Pyne, Ivan Goodacre, Katherine Mahoney, Zoe Harrington, Carol Neville, Nicholas - framed drawings, photomedia, digital prints, ceramic sculpture
  Sally Hollis
Sally's work involves the use of vibrant colours in acrylics portraying trees and plants from the Botanical gardens in a unique way. Sally also has a series of works relating to Rosie the dog with drawings in pencil with prints then being made in limited editions in colour
  Bernadette Smith
Bernadette's practice has included painting, photography and film. Transgressing the boundaries of different media her artwork has challenged nature’s exile, globalisation and the postmodern spiritual void. In recent years she has developed a form of painterly abstraction using the power of the unmediated artist gesture and the materiality of impasto paint.
  Cyndi Freiman
Cyndi's paintings are a visual journal that reflect a sense of place, mirroring her engagement with her immediate domestic and suburban environment. The process has been extended to include vignettes from recent travels. The images reflect fragmented glimpses of scenes moving through the urban landscape.
  Mark Elliot-Ranken
Mark's latest series of his work is entitled "Secret Histories" and is based on large gestural abstractions drawn from his own work and other artists notably Ian Fairweather's travels in and through the Asia-Pacific region and Australia. Elliot-Ranken is currently based in Newcastle
  Osnat Almog
Osnat Almog is an Israeli born artist, now living and working in Sydney. Osnat’s work explores the tension between the painted field and the drawn line. Her abstract paintings are inspired by ancient philosophies of religion and Mysticism.
  Erez Ben-Or
Erez moved to Australia in 1998 and has since featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Among his artistic achievements, Ben-Or has won the Willoughby Art Prize for photography and digital media, the NAVA Award and the Kayell Photography Prize.
  Emma Thomson
Emma uses the medium of photography to create narratives from staged portraiture as well scenes from everyday life. Emma was awarded a three month stay at the Friends of National Art School Cite International des Artes Studio in 2007 where the work for the June exhibition at Meld Gallery was created
  Susan Dalziel
Susan's work reflect an interest in the dynamics of accessing the subconscious mind. Susan uses elements of repeated pattern, texturing and impasto and emphasises the strong duality of mind/body, reason/emotion and inner/outer lives. Susan's work involves drawings, collage, painting and sewing. Susan currently works and lives in Wollongong
  Tom Gillan
Originally from Hamilton, Scotland, Tom Gillan has lived in Australia for almost 20 years. The basis for all Tom’s creative work is drawing and much of his material stems from dream imagery.
  Kathryn Savery
Kathryn's work has the main theme relating to the sea,its movement and light and changing colours. Kathryn in her work uses ceramics, paint, mixed media and photography.
  Kim Maree
A Sydney based artist, formerly from Wollongong, on the South Coast. Kim's earlier ceramic work referenced fragments of aerial seascapes and landscapes and also moved around the ideas of ‘ourselves as these and within these'. This led to hand-building of torso's and then a series of sculptural works constructed by using the parts of one of a torso.
  Clive Hillier
Clive Hillier is a Sydney glass artist who has been working with art glass for over sixteen years. Clive uses the skills of fusing and slumping to create beautiful and functional works of art. Platters can be functional or decorative and colourful jewellery such as pendants and earrings often include dichroic glass.
  Erin Schlicht
Erin has spent many years working as a baker and a potter and sees them as related fields as they both involve kilns or ovens. He studied Ceramics at National Art School in Sydney and currently lives in Byron Bay

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